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5 Reasons to Try Chocolate And Gold Skincare from Cocoage Cosmetics

5 Reasons to Try Chocolate And Gold Skincare from Cocoage Cosmetics

At first glance, chocolate and gold don’t seem like ingredients that would go together, unless of course you’re talking about gold foil wrapped around a delicious chocolate treat. But when it comes to skincare, it appears these two just might be a match made in heaven.

The skincare and beauty researchers at Cocoàge Cosmetics have certainly been taking note of all the positive developments regarding chocolate and gold in recent years. It recently culminated in a novel idea: Combine the two ingredients together in a line of skincare and beauty cosmetics. Hence, Cocoàge Cosmetics was born. Here are a few of the reasons why you might want to consider using chocolate and gold together.

So Why Does Cocoage Cosmetics Uses Chocolate and Gold in Their Products?

#1 Miracle Moisturizing
Both gold and chocolate play a role in nourishing and moisturizing the skin. Chocolate does this thanks to components such as vitamin A, potassium and omega 6 fatty acids. Gold rejuvenates the skin by enhancing blood flow. Put it them together, and the result is healthier looking skin.

#2 Boosting Blood Flow
Speaking of blood flow, chocolate also has a hand in promoting circulation just like gold. Chocolate is effective in this arena thanks to its caffeine content, which promotes blood flow to the cells of the skin. The result is a complexion that positively glows.

#3 Big Power against Wrinkles
Chocolate and gold complement one another in some interesting ways when it comes to fighting wrinkles. Chocolate’s power against wrinkles comes from antioxidants, which promote cellular regeneration and repair. And gold has abundant ions that stimulate cell activity to keep them lively and vibrant. It’s a unique one-two punch to keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay over time.

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#4 Enhanced Elasticity
Both chocolate and gold help prevent the breakdown of collage and elastin over time. These two skin components keep the skin looking stretchy, tight and youthful-looking.

#5 Youthful Skin Well into Your Years
Chocolate and gold both keep the skin elastic and youthful, and also enhance a beautiful, radiant complexion. The bottom line is the combination will keep you looking great at any age.

Cocoàge Chocolate

Cocoàge Chocolate was created by Cocoàge Cosmetics, redefining luxury skincare with an exquisite line of chocolate-based treatment products created to assist, revive, and rejuvenate tired-looking skin. Visit Cocoàge Cosmetics here and find Cocoàge Cosmetics reviews here.
Cocoàge Chocolate

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