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A Secret from Cocoage Cosmetics: Chocolate Is the Best Age-defying Ingredient

A Secret from Cocoage Cosmetics: Chocolate Is the Best Age-defying Ingredient

Why Chocolate Is the Best Age-defying Ingredient for Your Skin

Chocolate boasts many hidden abilities you may not have heard of yet. We are going to explore why chocolate is the best age-defying ingredient for your skin.

Did you know that chocolate can help slow and, in some cases, reverse the signs of aging? From enhancing cellular repair, to firming the skin, to providing protection from UV rays, to reducing the appearance of cellulite, having chocolate skincare in your beauty kit will be a much appreciated benefit.

It Improves Circulation

Chocolate helps stimulate circulation to the skin.

It Detoxes Your Cells

Chocolate contains numerous antioxidants to help your skin shine bright, by first detoxing.

Boosts Immune System

In addition to vitamins A, C, and E, chocolate produces flavonoids – which have anti-inflammatory properties and immune system benefits.

Cell Repair

Chocolate’s antioxidants prevent damage to skin cells that come with skin inflammation and aging. These antioxidants also help the cells repair themselves.

Skin Firming

Theobromine and theophylline in chocolate have a firming and lifting effect on the skin, which helps keep the skin looking healthy and young.

UV Protection

Chocolate has properties that help protect the skin from UV damage.

Slows Wrinkles

Chocolate slows down the appearance of wrinkles and saggy skin. It helps increase circulation, which prevents the appearance of lines and helps keep the skin looking young.

Reduces Cellulite

With abilities to fight and reverse cellulite, chocolate is still ranking high on our list. The theobromine helps target fat and burn it away. What this means for you is that it reduces signs of cellulite.

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The caffeine found in chocolate helps with circulation boosting. Caffeine also removes moisture from the body – which means again, it helps diminish the appearance of cellulite. This leads to tighter and firmer skin.

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