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Use Cacao Skincare Products to Heal Eczema-Cocoage Cosmetics Scientists

Use Cacao Skincare Products to Heal Eczema-Cocoage Cosmetics Scientists

When it comes to people’s skincare concerns, things like wrinkles and sun damage usually top the list. But if you suffer from eczema, these long-term concerns are likely superseded by the immediate concerns related to the inflammation, itchiness, rashes and blisters that the skin condition produces. And cacao skincare is here to bring you relief.

Finding skincare treatments that help with eczema can often be challenging. There are conflicting reports related to what is helpful and what’s not. For example, some people seem to have an adverse reaction to cacao skincare products due to an allergic reaction to chocolate.

For other people, however, there is evidence that cacao-based skincare products may actually help reduce the outbreaks of eczema.

We spoke with the skincare and beauty researchers at Cocoàge Cosmetics to sort through this clutter and get to the truth about cacao skincare and eczema.

Cacao Products Heal Eczema

#1 Antioxidant Power of Cocoage Products

Research has shown that tea may be a powerful agent in preventing eczema breakouts. The active ingredients in tea that help the skin are antioxidants known as polyphenols, which have powerful properties for skin cell regeneration and repair.

And chocolate (as well as coffee) also contains a number of powerful polyphenols that are quite similar to those found in tea.

#2 Omegas for Inflammation

Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are other foods compounds that seem to play a role in reducing the signs and symptoms of eczema. Both types of fats have been shown to be powerful inflammation-fighters in the body, and chocolate cosmetics are a rich source of fatty acids of the omega-6 variety.

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These fatty acids help make chocolate a supreme hydrator for the skin too!

#3 The Bottom Line

Of course, the bottom line is that while cacao skincare products can help many with eczema, there are some individuals that appear to have a sensitivity to it. Fortunately, this is pretty easy to figure out.

If you have a reaction upon using a chocolate skincare product, simply switch to another product. If you do not, then it should be helpful to you in keeping the symptoms of eczema at bay.

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